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5 thoughts on “Unbelievable car crash (.pps)”
  1. Surviving a crash of this magnitude is quite a miracle and mystery.  I noticed that except the driver's seat/area everything was a picture of wire mess and twisted metal.  The driver might have some nightmares and sleepless nights for going through this but I guess he is one quite a lucky guy to have come out alive.  

  2. That car is really a wreck.  How it split in to two, we'll never know.  Are you sure that this is not a photoshop product though, Mr. Koupoukis? 

  3. Miracles do happen and this car crash scene is just a one-take-scene if this happens to be a movie shoot.  I could only chuckle in disbelief but at the same time happy to know that the driver survived the crash.

  4. So this is actually a documented car accident case, backed-up with a lot of photos?  Wow.  What on earth happened to that car.  The driver is very lucky he did not end up like his vehicle.  0_0
    Thanks for sharing this!

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