Apple iPod Touch

Today arrived my new Apple iPod Touch Second Generation II
I’ve ordered it from the UK Apple Store and I got the FREE Laser engraving as you see…
It is packed with 32GB of flash memory

 Apple iPod Touch II Gen - Volume control keys

Except the bigger memory now I can hear everything without the headphones since it has a new internal speaker.
Also there are two NEW volume control keys now, on the left. Everything else is pretty much the same. 


By moschos

This is me :)

4 thoughts on “Apple iPod Touch II”
  1. Alright,I got that, but they could increase the installed memory size, so the remaining GB would be the one advertised.. You say 32GB gimme CLEAN 32GB… It would be much better this way (…for the END USER but maybe not for the companies…)

  2. Nobody does that. Why do you expect Apple to do it? I’m sure the actual size of the hard drive in your computer is less than the advertised one but you did not complain.

  3. I know that but they “compatibility” reason I think it is more an “economy” reason for the companies.. Think if we had the ACTUAL memory available, how much they should spend more….

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