Desktop Posters brings your desktop to life with interesting photos of the day, or photos related to keywords you choose.

Desktop Posters is a simple to use Mac OS X application that will allow you to download images from Flickr's extensive photo library and set as your desktop's background.

If you want to download random photos from you favorite Flickr photo set, or group pool, you can do that too if you know the associated ids.

Desktop Posters lets you choose how often your background is updated, or you can change the background at anytime by clicking the Change Poster Now button. It also displays the url of the current displaying photo, so you can always find who took that great photo.

The application's dock icon also shows a preview of the current poster, so you never miss out on that interesting photo!


By moschos

This is me :)

2 thoughts on “Desktop Posters Mac application”
  1. I cannot make work this aplication in my mac. When I run the application and select flickr to view the desktop posters of the day it doesn´t work. I just see the same image.. Where can I find a better user manual of this aplication?
    Thanks for your help!

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