DISCO application redefines user interface boundaries and actually makes disc burning a fun process. The app features a minimalistic user interface, which guides you from start to finish using slick core animation effects and chewy graphics. Once you start burning however, the fun starts. The app window starts to ‘smoke’, which increases as the disc nears its end. The coolest part is, if you blow into your microphone, the smoke fades away! You have to try this app out at least once to see this brilliant user interface in action.

Look at that scrollbar UI!

Disco has a great ‘discography’ feature, which keeps a catalog of all your discs. You can quickly find which disc you burnt that PDF file for instance. It also supports Disc Spanning, which allows you to continue a single session over multiple discs. It has support for all the file systems, hybrid discs, disk image burning, and seamless multisession support. For such a small app, Disco is amazingly feature rich.



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