9 December 2023


DigitalColor Meter is a utility for measuring and displaying the colour values of pixels displayed on the screen. This utility is from the system available for Apple Macintosh computers. It’s located at /Applications/Utilities/DigitalColor Meter.app
Does everything from picking ANY color on screen in RGB as actual value, Percentage or HEX and much more, be sure to tour the menu!

The utility presents a "window" onto the screen which includes a cursor which by default is 1 × 1 pixel in size. The colour displayed in that pixel is shown as a colour value which may be represented as decimal or hexadecimal RGB triplets, CIE 1931, CIE 1976 or CIELAB triplets or a Tristimulus triplet.

The displayed colour may be copied either as a solid colour or as the colour value which represents it, to be used in other applications (for instance an RGB triplet may be used in a colour specification to be used on a World Wide Web page).

Wind-OS users have to pay for such software, Apple MAC OS give this as a FREE system utility…!
One more reason to switch to MAC, people… wake up!!!


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