Garmin GPS webupdater, now for MAC also

Garmin GPS webupdater, now for MAC also

What is WebUpdater?

Upgrading software for your Garmin GPS just got easier thanks to WebUpdater
WebUpdater is an application which communicates with the Garmin server over the Internet and updates your Garmin GPS with the most current software version available.

It’s easy and it’s automatic. You don’t even have to know the model numbers or software versions of your GPS. WebUpdater takes care of all of the details for you.

How Does WebUpdater Work?

WebUpdater’s simple interface makes it easy to upgrade your operating software. Just connect your Garmin GPS to your computer, run WebUpdater, and follow the screen prompts.

You can download the latest version of WebUpdater software for free from our website.

Compatible computers: IBM-compatible PCs running Windows® 2000 or XP operating systems | New! Intel-based Macs or PowerPCs (G3 or newer) running OS X 10.4 or later



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Thanks for your source to upgrade software.

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