You are using Path Finder on your Mac and want to display only this desktop because it is much better… 
But you are also running geektool and when you turn on Show Path Finder desktop the geektool's windows are disappearing… 

Here's what to do :

  1. Path Finder menu -> Show Path Finder Desktop
  2. Click on desktop and press cmd + J
  3. Click Set Colors…  in the Desktop View Options



Now, first TURN OFF Show desktop background (and viola !! geektool windows now are showing)
but now you see double Icons on desktop (IF you have any…)
Just TURN ON Hide Finder's desktop and you will now have only Pathfinder's desktop on top with GEEKTOOL information consoles !!!




By moschos

This is me :)

6 thoughts on “How to display GeekTooL on PathFINDER desktop (Mac)”
  1. Thanks a lot! This also helps with using Path Finder and OS X Lion. If you are running Path Finder normally on OS X Lion you can't see the desktops in Mission Control. But if you are doing the steps you described, you can see all your desktops in Mission Control.
    You should only consider where you are placing your files on Path Finder desktop because they won't be hide when you're activating Mission Control.

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