Run 64bit systems over 32bit (VirtualBox 2.1.0)

Run 64bit systems over 32bit (VirtualBox 2.1.0)

Just in time for holidays…

VirtualBox 2.1.0

…was released on December 17 for Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X

VirtualBox is a free (for personal use) and Open Source virtualization hypervisor that lets you run other operating systems like Microsoft Windows and Linux at the same time as Mac OS X. It does not require a reboot to change operatings systems like Apple’s Boot Camp which installs Windows on its on hard disk partition. There’s a couple of big feature additions in the jump from version 2.0 to 2.1. Here are the ones I found particularly interesting:

– Support for hardware virtualization. Intel VT-x is available on all Intel based Macs. So, this new feature is available to all Intel Mac users. This should translate to significantly improved performance.

– Support for 64-bit Guest operating systems on 32-bit host operating systems.

– Experimental support for OpenGL 3D acceleration

– New NAT engine for better network performance (when configured for NAT access)

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