Intel Core2 Quad Core EXTREME

Intel Core2 Quad Core EXTREME

Intel® Core™2 Extreme Quad-Core Process –
New version now available based on Intel’s 45nm technology

The Intel® Core™2 Extreme processor is the world’s irst quad-core desktop processor, delivering the latest in cutting-edge processor technology and unprecedented performance across a wide range of applications and benchmarks. The new Intel Core 2 Extreme processors QX9000 series are based on the industry-leading 45nm manufacturing technology, providing another giant leap forward on the road to multi-core and  parallel computing.45nm manufacturing technology, with hafnium-infused Hi-k transistors, enables even more processor performance by doubling the transistor density, improving eficiency and speed relative to the previous generation, and increasing cache size by up to 50 percent. These new Intel Core 2 Extreme proces-sors deliver more performance without using more energy.
This processor is designed for PC enthusiasts and gamers. Today’s multimedia applications, such as 3D modeling, video/audio editing and rendering, as well as the latest in realistic  and immersive games, focus on threaded computing for  performance and demonstrate amazing scalability with  quad-core processors. For the added technical lexibility experienced enthusiasts want, the processor bus ratio locks (overspeed protection)  have been removed in the Intel Core 2 Extreme processor. This delivers the ability to tune the system, taking it beyond the speciication limits.

Multitasking Monster
The Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad-Core processor is a multi-tasking monster, so users can do more in less time. Signiicant improvements in system responsiveness are possible because certain tasks can be off-loaded to speciic cores. Users can now take on several tasks at once, such as rendering a video, playing a game, or working on basic productivity software, because additional processor resources are free to handle other tasks.

Better Acoustics
Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad-Core processors are equipped with a Digital Thermal Sensor (DTS) to enable more eficient processor and platform thermal control. Thermal sensors located within the processor measure the maximum temperature on the die at any given time. The acoustic beneit of temperature monitoring is that system fans spin only as fast as needed to cool the system and slower spinning fans  generate less noise.This Intel-designed thermal solution for boxed processors  utilizes a 4-pin header with variable fan speed control, based on processor temperature and power usage to minimize acoustic noise levels. The latest 45nm boxed Intel Core 2 Extreme processor includes a new, more advanced thermal solution with improved acoustic and thermal performance.

QX9000 series
Manufacturing Process : 45nm
L2 Shared Cache : 12 MB
System Bus : 1333 MHz
SSE Instructions : SSE4, SSE3, SSE2, and SSE
Chipset  : Intel® Express  X38 and P35




Υπάρχει για αγορά στο MULTIRAMA στην τιμή των 980 Ευρώ…!! Και κανένα ΚΑΛΟ motherboard 300+ Ευρώ, και κανένα 1000άρι τροφοδοτικό, θέλεις 4-5 χιλιάρικα για να φτιάξεις ένα ΚΑΛΟ σύστημα σήμερα… 🙂


Και επίσης και στο με 920 ΕΥΡΩ

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