Kingston DataTravler HyperX 3.0 – 64GB / 128GB / 256GB

Kingston Digital HyperX 3.0 DataTraveler (DTHX30/64GB) - benchmark


The Kingston DataTravler HyperX 3.0 flash drive is Kingston's latest and the fastest USB 3.0 flash drive wonder which is aimed for gamers, enthusiasts and high-end consumers who require the best performance and highest capacities! 

It' not an ordinary USB 3.0 flash drive and you can buy a 64G, 128GB and 256GB capacity! This is the real meaning of portability and yes that's a massive 265GB in your pocket! DT HyperX 3.0 is the smallest flash drive in Kingston's USB 3.0 family but the fastest and largest drive in capacity that can handle any task! The build quality of case is really good and durable! The little flash drive is really attractive in a flash combining tuff outer blue aluminum shell with rubberized black cross grip sections. The protective cap also snaps onto the end of the drive really well so you won't set it someplace and lose it while the drive is in use! It comes with a lanyard too. But there is also activity or status LED – way to tell you if it's reading/writing if you care to know.

"…DataTraveler HyperX 3.0 features a high-speed 8-channel architecture which provides USB 3.0 data transfer speeds with capacities of up to 256GB! That is the perfect solution for some really super-fast storing, transferring and backing up any digital lifestyle data! So you will save precious time with opening and transferring large files and applications between devices…"

While testing this insanely fast USB 3.0 flash drive, read speeds were staggering and almost up to 260MB per second and are miles ahead of a competition! The DataTravel XyperX 3.0 could literally redefine the USB drive sector producing results which could compete head to head against the latest generation of SSDs drives!

The only downside of this flash drive is that it costs an arm and a leg! However that seems reasonable soon as you see the blazing performance levels! This drive will not serve a large ordinance, but for the performance junkies who need to transfer large amounts of data. This is the fastest drive on the market by a clear mile! The Kingston DataTravler HyperX 3.0 flash drive is backed by a five-year warranty, 24/7 tech support and with a legendary Kingston reliability. It's definitely one of the fastest USB 3.0 flash drives. If you have the budget, then it's worth a look.

"Insanely fast and costs an arm and a leg!"

In CrystalDiskMark, Kingston DataTravler HyperX 3.0 starts out at 258.50 MB/s read and 161.20 MB/s write.Transfer speeds were "insanely" fast and more than acceptable for any USB flash drive.

Good: Smaller than average USB 3.0 flash drive. Insanely fast and available in large capacities "256GB".


– USB 3.0 interface, backward compatible with USB 2.0
– Durable metal and rubber casing
– Lanyard loop
– Resistant to dust
– Water resistant
– Resistant to static discharges
– ReadyBoost – Support
– impressive 8-Channel Architecture
– Blue activity or status LED


– Dimensions: 2.952" x 0.916" x 0.626" (74.99mm x 23.29mm x 15.9mm)
– Wight: 1.76 ounces
– Operating Temperature 0° to 60°C/ 32° to 140°F
– Storage Temperature -20° to 85°C/ -4° to 185°F
– Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP
– Available in 64GB,128GB and 256GB capacities
– Warranty: 5 Years

More specifications – official site: >> Kingston Digital HyperX 3.0 DataTraveler << 

Video from YouTube of: >> DataTraveler HyperX 3.0 <<


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