Turn -Any- USB Storage Device Into a NAS Server

Turn -Any- USB Storage Device Into a NAS Server

For only $55, Addonics claims that this tiny gadget can easily turn any USB storage device into a full-fledged Network Attached Storage (NAS) server with support for both SMB and FTP access.

All you have to do is pop it into your USB storage drive (also works as a print server), attach an Ethernet line to your router and you are ready to start serving up media over the network. It even features Bit-Torrent compatibility, so you can send downloaded media files directly to your storage unit no matter where you are.


* Convert any USB 2.0 / 1.1 mass storage device into a Network Attached Storage device
* Great for adding Addonics Storage Tower, Storage Rack or any Addonics USB storage device onto the network
* Great for creating a custom Network Attached Storage appliance.
* USB port can be used to power most 2.5" USB hard drives or any low powered USB storage device.
* Support Fast Ethernet 10/100Mbps.
* Simple to install
* Small and light weight. Size slightly longer than a C size battery. Can be installed practically anywhere
* Can be set as DHCP server or client.
* Support Samba server for up to 64 concurrent clients.
* Support FTP server for up to 8 concurrent users.
* Can be set as a print server to attach any USB printer to the network
* Built-in Bit Torrent client for direct download to the attached USB storage device
* Can be set as a UPnP AV server to share photo/music files stored on the file server with XBOX 360 video game consoles connected to the LAN
* User management to allow read only or read/write access to folders
* Administrative management access via web browser with password security.
* Compatible with all Windows OS, Mac OS, Linux 2.6.x and above

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