World’s First one (1) TERAByte 2.5″ SSD

World’s First one (1) TERAByte 2.5″ SSD

PureSilicon has created what seems to be the first 1 TB, 2.5" SSD. One terabyte on 2 and a half inches. Chips only… Wrap your brain around that!

The drive, named the Nitro is the first to hit the impressive barrier of this size and capacity, achieved through an ultra-thin enclosure and some innovative data storage architecture. Four of these drives can fit in the same space as one 3.5" drive, and pureSilicon claims its speed "approaches" the SATA II max of 300 MB/s. Unfortunately, it’s targeted at servers and other large dull users like the military, rather than a sweet new consumer laptop. But now that the bar is lifted yet again, we’re that much further along our quest for the One True Drive. The Nitro should be released sometime this year for an undisclosed price.

[pureSilicon via MSNBC]


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