As I’m a Google lover and I really like their Doodle for Google idea I’ve decided to get some cool samples of the Doodles to show here to you. The official Google logo was designed by Ruth Kedar and it is well known to all users. The logo became so familiar that Google visitors and also some designers started sending drawings and ideas for Google to apply to the their logo. The idea to keep constantly changing the logo was so good that they have already a huge amount of doodles at the Holidays Logos page to show. Personally I really would like to have the talent to produce a doodle, but while I can’t, here some of the best already produced:

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By moschos

This is me :)

2 thoughts on “30 Creative Google Doodles”
  1. I love doodles too. They usually are very creative and make the day of Google search engine users. Google has many times honored Greece via its doodles and that makes me love them even more.

  2. Doodles are so fun and they are one of the main factors why people love Google so much. I especially love them when they are animated or interactive. The cynic in me wants to say that Google probably uses them to get people to stop calling them Big Brother and to keep SEOs from cursing them every time they change their search engine algorithms and ranking criteria, but I won’ let him 😉 Doodles are awesome and I hope they never stop making them! They could however also use them to raise some awareness on social problems instead of commemorating “international days” that no one knows or cares about. Ooops, there goes the cynic again!

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