I was ready to buy a new 12 months subscription for the MacWorld magazine at around $50 when I noticed an offer for the DIGITAL publication of MacWorld for 24 MONTHS and at the half price ($24). The digital magazine can be viewed online with any browser from the zinio Reader site, but you can also download the Zino Offline Reader and download and read your magazine any time you like.

What’s great is that you help nature by reducing tree cutting used to procude the paper for the printed version, you have in one place (your HD) all of your magazines.

Zinio Reader

Also the digital publication is interactive – from any magazines contents page you can click on any title/page and the reader will jump to that page of your magazine. Also all the magazine normally printed links (for example http://macworld/app/….) whick you should type if you had the printed version, NOW can be clicked and the link will load on your browser.  And course you can print/send/share and stuff like that…

I found this new way to read magazines INCREDIBLE..! You have to give it a try, at the Zinio homepage they offer some free publications too, so just go there and take a look !!




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