This is better than Timestop because you can download the updates which are only available for activated windows Vista Installations, and if you have Timestop, you don’t have an Activated Vista. and it is released today!

How does it work?
Microsoft allows large hardware manufacturers (e.g. ASUS, HP, Dell) to ship their products containing a Windows Vista installation that does NOT require any kind of product activation as this might be considered an unnecessary inconvenience for the end-user.
Instead these so-called ‘Royalty OEMs’ are granted the right to embed certain license information into their hardware products, which can be validated by Windows Vista to make obtaining further activation information (online or by phone) obsolete.


By moschos

This is me :)

One thought on “Paradox Vista activator + WGA crack”
  1. Ok its nioce to hear someone made a crack for vista it also sucks half the websites are full of virus, I guess this is a phycological way of getting people to not hack it or look for way to crack it.

    I can see this because I cant find a fucking download for it anywhere. keep that in mind people the viruses you are getting on your computer are direct from microsoft as you go looking for a vista crack

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