Designed to integrate with a flight simulator (FS9,FSX,X-Plane) with the aid of a plugin this application allows you to track and control your flights in real-time in the palm of your hand. You no longer need to stay glued to the computer in order to know if you're still flying at 39,000 feet, if you're still heading to the right waypoint, how long you've got left or what the weather is going to be like at your destination airport; you can now relax and do it in the garden while you read the newspaper.

The AirTrack features include a Primary Flight Display (PFD) with:

  • Speed
  • Altitude
  • Vertical Speed
  • Barometric pressure
  • Outside Temperature
  • Compass
  • Attitude Indicator with roll and pitch
  • Auto-Pilot status and settings
  • Instant GS, IAS, MACH, and VS when available
  • Flaps deployment and landing gear state
  • Movement sensing remote control of the aircraft
  • Support for iphone/ipod 4 built-in gyros to control the rudder / yaw

A Multi Function Navigation Display (MFD/ND) with:

  • APP, VOR, MAP and PLN modes
  • Centered and expanded views
  • Display of APT, WPT, VOR, NDB, CWP and LOC
  • Wind speed and direction indicators
  • True Air Speed and Ground Speed
  • Next waypoint reporting
  • Flight plan display
  • Course control from NAV1, NAV2 or FMC
  • ILS / VOR approach course helpers
  • Runway and localizer orientation drawing
  • VOR/ADF selector
  • VOR/NDB guidance bugs according to NAV/ADF
  • Next waypoint mode selector (NAV1/2, FMC)
  • Tracking in MAP mode
  • Display of the world border and coast lines as a background map
  • Rate of Turn display with the snake and 30, 60 and 90 secs predictions

A Mode Control Panel (MCP) that interacts with the simulator's auto-pilot with :

  • HDG, IAS/MACH, OBS1, OBS2, ALT, VS and BARO dialers
  • AT/ARM, SPD HOLD, HDG HOLD, N/1, C/O, LNAV, LOC, APP, LCH, ALT, VS, VNAV and AP CMD hold switches

A Flight Management Computer (FMC) with:

  • Multi-Mode, Multi-Leg flight planner
  • Reported distances per waypoint
  • Time remaining / elapsed per leg
  • Position Reports for Oceanic
  • Flight Statistics with progress and ETA
  • Runways and localizers
  • Basic SID and STAR decoding for airports
  • Enroute airways decoding
  • Cloud based syncing of flight plans across devicesFull radio stack with NAV1/2, COM1/2, ADF1/2Transponder dial and auto-transponder mode
  • Customizable waypoints
  • My waypoints and Nearby waypoints
  • Real-Time weather information for airports
  • Detailed airport information including runways
  • VOR ad NDB class, range, frequencies
  • A database of over 100,000 localities worlwide
  • Built-in database of FIX, VORs and NDBs
  • Cloud based syncing of waypoints across devices
  • Support for NAVIGRAPH FMS AIRAC cycles
  • Tracking of VATSIM surrounding traffic
  • Display of online VATSIM controllers
  • Electronic Flight Bag style interface for iPad
  • Enhanced graphics with high-res Retina Display
  • Approach charts viewer
  • Support for the external AHRS from Levil Aviation


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