Do YOU want a SKYCATCHER too …??

Do YOU want a SKYCATCHER too …??

The ALL NEW cessna aircraft is here!!
A new ULTRALIGHT airplane (at an ultra – light price!!!) from the well known CESSNA company..!!! What else could somebody want ??

Cessna 162 SkyCatcher




what’s the price of this plane?


From the press conference:

“The SkyCatcher will cruise at speeds up to 118 knots and will have a maximum range of 470 nautical miles. The aircraft has a maximum gross weight of 1,320 pounds, a service ceiling of 15,500 feet, a useful load of 490 pounds, and a usable fuel load of 24 gallons. The new SkyCatcher will be equipped with a Garmin G300 avionics package, sleek carbon-fiber seating and cup holders, vertical-opening doors, and dual control sticks. See our Photo Archive.

“For the past year, we have been soliciting feedback from the market on our proof-of-concept aircraft, and the result is an airplane that we believe is the most advanced and innovative in its class,” said Cessna Chairman, President and CEO Jack J. Pelton. “We have had more voice-of-the-customer input into the design of this aircraft than anything we’ve done in the past, and that has led to many design elements that make it easier for pilots and passengers.”

The price is an element attractive to many would-be pilots and owners, as well. At an anticipated price of $109,500, first flight of the prototype Model 162 is set for the first half of 2008, and deliveries are expected to begin in 2009″

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