These promotional pacifiers were distributed by a Portuguese dentist to young children’s parents. And each of the pacifiers came with a business card.


Dental Advertising Campaigns (20) 7Mullaly Dentist – Teeth Advertisement:

Dental Advertising Campaigns (20) 8Colgate Mask Advertisement: These mask were to help lighten up a visit to the dentist for the kids and everyone else. This was a wide-ranging promotion in which these masks (funny cartoon mouths) were sent to dentists in Hamburg, Germany to promote Colgate Smiles Kids toothbrushes.

Dental Advertising Campaigns (20) 9Dental Advertising Campaigns (20) 10Dental Advertising Campaigns (20) 11

Crest Glide Teeth Floss – Sleeping Advertisement:

Dental Advertising Campaigns (20) 12Watsons Dental Floss – Steak Stuck Advertisement:

Dental Advertising Campaigns (20) 13Miradent Oral Care System – Dental Floss Advertisement:

Dental Advertising Campaigns (20) 14Dental Tape – Outdoor Advertisement:

Dental Advertising Campaigns (20) 15Dental Implant Advertisements:

Dental Advertising Campaigns (20) 16(Image credit: adsoftheworld).

Dental Advertising Campaigns (20) 17(Image credit: adsoftheworld).

OlDent Dental – Toothpick Advertisement: Created by advertising agency van der Buzz; the concept seems to be a really interesting one. Here we got a really big toothpick with website address and if you are among those who needs a toothpick like this, then you got a problem a dentist can solve.

Dental Advertising Campaigns (20) 18Dental Advertising Campaigns (20) 20


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  1. What great ideas! I am looking for some marketing tools. I just love the pacifers, where can I purchase them?

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