When you need a massive amount of storage for your HD projects, large media files, databases, photos, or audio files, the HDPro is the ideal storage solution.

With support for RAID 5, the HDPro features an advanced distributed parity algorithm. Access to data and parity blocks are spread across all 8 drives in the array. To improve the read and write performance, RAID 5 is not limited to a dedicated parity drive, like RAID 3 solutions.

When configured with RAID 6, fault tolerance is maintained by the world class CalDigit RAID engine, ensuring that the parity information is placed on TWO drives. This block of data is completely separate from the drives used to store the data itself. This allows for ultimate protection, allowing up to two drives to fail, with the loss of any data.

Offering RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 and JBOD, the HDPro provides safe and reliable operation, all in one package, and backed by CalDigit's 3 year warranty.


Everything you need in one powerful package, ready to use right out of the box. Setup is a breeze with ultimate reliability built right in. 8TB systems start at just $5999.

The 8 drive HDPro comes in either a 2U rack mount or tower. The CalDigit HDPro's unique architecture combines the best value with the latest technology. The HDPro is compatible with Apple's Mac Pro, G5, G4, and Mac OS X Server, as well as Windows and Linux workstations, in addition to other platforms

HDPro is a flexible, open, remarkably scalable, and highly available RAID storage solution with virtually unlimited storage capabilities. It uses CalDigit's advanced PCI Express architecture that enables its 'pay-as-you-grow' scalability.

As additional higher storage capacity becomes necessary with the growth of your media files; more HDPros can be attached and configured easily in the field without downtime. Simply done by adding a few key components – CalDigit PCIe switch and two-port PCIe card – these products will achieve your goals efficiently and cost effectively.

Each switch can connect upto 7x HDPros, one host and one switch. Using hierarchical CalDigit PCI Express switch, you can have (in theory) unlimited storage pool across disk available to your media and database.*


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