The rail train (Schwebebahn) of Wuppertal

The rail train (Schwebebahn) of Wuppertal

The Schwebebahn Monorail in Wuppertal

The Schwebebahn monorail was build over 100 years ago. While tourists love to ride the Schwebebahn, this monorail is a serious means of public transportation; moving well over 20 Million passengers per year.
The Schwebebahn monorail is all electric, very safe, economic and definitely cool especially for something built over 100 years ago!
The Schwebebahn is located in the German city of Wuppertal ( The German San Francisco ) in the hill country of West Germany near Cologne and the Rhein river. Nearly 1,000 years old, this historic city is home to one of the most unusual public transportation systems in the world. The Schwebebahn is definitely something you have to see and experience !


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