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Alexandroupolis and Evros in Google Earth

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The most comprehensive compilation of placemarks about Evros Prefecture at North-East Greece, with useful pointers and many information.

Revision date: 6 May 2008

525 placemarks of Evros Prefecture.
All the Cities, Towns, Villages, Hamlets and the island Samothrace of Evros Prefecture.
Nature, Geography, Biotopes & Eco-tourism.
History, Archaeological sites & excavations, Monuments & Museums.
People, Cultures, Tradition & Folklore. Travel & Tourist Information.
Transportation. Lodging & Entertainment. Places of Interest.
Churches, Monasteries, Chapels & Temples. Schools & Colleges.
Public Buildings. Military. Business, Industry, Trade & Shops.
Sports, Stadiums, Hobbies. Videos, etc.

The information were drawn from official literatures and Web pages of the:
Democritus University of Thrace, Prefecture of Evros, Municipalities of Evros Prefecture,
Thracian Electronic Thesaurus of Democritus University of Thrace,
Alexandroupolis Airport – Workers Society (,
Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Wikipedia,,, and other Personal websites

I need your help to make sure that:
the location of placemarks are accurate
the names of placemarks are correct and complete,
and to suggest me new placemarks

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Πω ρε ‘συ ποιος την έκανε όλη αυτή τη δουλειά! Ωραίος! και το video πολύ καλό.


stelio mou, mwraki mou s’agapaw kai mou leipeis poly poly poly…!matakia mou thelw na se dw…..!


oso gia to video..hehe kataplhktiko:):):) ma kala poios to travh3e???

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