Santorini island Nightlife : ALL the Bars and Clubs in THIRA

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Santorini island Nightlife : ALL the Bars and Clubs in THIRA

Well, Santorini may not have so many clubs and bars like Ios or Mykonos islands, but there are enough to give you a great night out to dance, meet people and have great fun!
The social pulse of Santorini is at the Town Square. It is the prime gathering spot in Thira, the place where people begin and end their nights. The central square has an outdoor bakery (Πέτρος ο ξενύχτης) with pizza and great ice cream (also serves cold beer), a pair of souvlaki and gyros shops, a creperie and a small bar. People start their way up to the bars from here and end up here after a crazy night!

Heading up from the central square you will find the Two Brothers Bar : if you love to dance, check this place out after midnight. The music is great and the staff is friendly.
Continuing way up, at the numbered stairs going down to the small port in Thira, on the left, you will find the Tropical Bar. The bar is not too big so it is always crowded and has a balcony outside with a great view to Caldera.

Tropical Bar photos :

Just go some stairs down after the Tropical bar and there you will find Franco's Bar and Tango Bar


These are all the bars in Caldera with view to the volcano.
Not too far away, back on the main street, you will find the Kira Thira Jazz Bar with live events and great jazz music, but it is also a very small place so it's always crowded.

Just one block further up from Kira Thira, on the stairs to the left, is the Casablanca Soul a Classical Cycladian club with soul, funk and house music. Its legendary live events and parties with guest djs make it special! Mojitos here are a must. Check their events schedule at

Heading down the stairs from Casablanca Soul you will find the Murphy's Bar , a true Irish pub, with great atmosphere and a variety of drinks and the fabulous Murphy's beer , the original Irish stout.

Murphy's Bar Photos:

Just 10 meters down the stairs from the Murphy's Bar is the The Highlander a great Scottish bar.
Here you will see people dancing on the bar at all times. Great service and very friendly stuff.

If you want to hear and dance Greek Music, the best place is the oldest “ellinadiko” of the island the Club 33.
When everything else closes, Club 33 still goes on offering high spirits and pure Greek entertainment!
 One of the most popular mainstream clubs with dancing music and colorful cocktails is the KOO Club. The impressive chandelier at one side and the disco ball at the other, give the starting signal for a wild party..!!

Just opposite the KOO Club is Enigma Club the favourite club of celebrities and not only. Two imposing arches separate the space into three parts.
Enigma Club is considered as one of the best night clubs of Santorini. It is said that if you have left Santorini Island without go dancing in Enigma club, you haven't saw the island, it is an impressive atmosphere.

These are all the bars and Clubs in Thira, Santorini Island, Greece.




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