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In order to reach your creative potential, let your brain rest

As you’ve learned, social media can have a detrimental effect on your happiness.
But what can be done to combat this?

Nowadays, to achieve contentment, you must understand how your brain works. The brain has two hemispheres which tackle tasks. The left brain deals with processes such as critical thinking, analysis and language, while the right brain manages creative functions like recognizing faces, colors and reading emotions.

They tend to work together. When you meet a new person, the left brain analyzes aspects such as their gestures and how they’re dressed. After ten minutes, if you feel an affinity toward them, your left brain will relax, and your right brain will kick in to allow for emotions like empathy and friendliness.

The way you use your brain can change how it functions, because the parts you use most often are strengthened. For example, say your goal is to enhance your creativity. To bolster it, do other right-brain activities like writing and dancing.

However, you have to be careful not to overload your brain, as this can have a negative impact on both your creativity and health. It’s important to rest your brain to have a healthy creative mind.

As it’s a passive activity, sleep is frequently overlooked when it comes to improving creativity and overall health. It’s often seen as a waste of time, so many people go without it and push themselves to the limit until serious health problems arise.

Sleep restores the brain and improves its processes. People who capitalize on sleep tend to have triple the creative and cognitive power of those who don’t.

Take former US president Bill Clinton. He worked so exhaustively that he ended up having a heart attack. In hindsight, he even realized that he made mistakes because of tiredness.

It’s vital to take care of your brain to boost your creativity.


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