Dust occurs in the mirror / shutter chamber from many sources, but mostly; fragments released from the moving components inside the camera, dust introduced from the body cap, lens changes and from some of the more ‘affordable’ lenses which have a more push-pull movement which can draw air in. In the past the only way to clean this dust out of your camera was to use some kind of blower (which sometimes worked), clean it using a swab (dangerous) or take it back to Canon (with a cost).

So here’s what Canon has done to address this:

  • Used materials in the mirror box and shutter chamber which are less likely to generate dust
  • Improved the body cap, again to not generate dust
  • Used anti-static coating on the sensor surface
  • Created a new separated anti-alias filter which vibrates to shake off dust
  • Added a Dust Delete Data feature which can map stubborn dust to be removed in software



By moschos

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