Real TUBE amplifier, Roth Audio Music Cocoon

Real TUBE amplifier, Roth Audio Music Cocoon

The Music Cocoon has been designed for use with the lovely Apple iPod (hence the fairly obvious dock on the top of the amplifier), any portable audio device (that’s why there is a 3.5mm socket on the back of the amplifier), any device which outputs audio to a 3.5mm jack (e.g. a laptop), or a CD player (that’ll be why there is a pair of RCA sockets on the back as well). This means that regardless of the source unit, the MC4 can handle it, which immediately makes it more useful than a simple docking device for the iPod.

Main Features Hi-Resolution pure tube sound 2 pre-amp tube Supports different musical sources: i-Pod, CD and MP3 Volume Control iPod Charging Overheating protection Speaker short circuit protection Speaker protection when turning on Fuse protection in the adapter

Specifications Power Output: 13W x 2 Frequency response: 20Hz~ 30KHz T.H.D: < 0.5% S/N ratio: > 90dB Input impedance: 100Kohm Output impedance: 8ohm AC Input: 110V/230VAC Selectable, 50Hz/60Hz Power Consumption: 50 V/A Tube Type: 12AX7 x 2, 12AU7 x 2 MOS FET Input Selectors: iPod, CD, MP3 Dimension: 187 (L) x 174 (W) x 108 (T) mm Weight: 1.8 Kg (Amplifier only)


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