The Dolomiti Superski region is very large; it includes 1,200 km of slopes and 450 state-of-the-art lift facilities. What counts most, however, is the quality. If necessary, 90% of the slopes are covered by snow making facilities. This ensures that 1,100 km of slopes are always ready, even when snow is in short supply.


The most beautiful mountains in the world

…this is what most people who have been in the presence of these gigantic rock formations say. Compared to other mountains: brighter, more colorful, more monumental, and seeming to be architecturally inspired. Formed 200,000 years ago out of the primeval ocean, today they reach 3,000 metres into the sky. Déodat de Dolomieu (1750-1801) discovered and defined the unique composition of the stone, giving the mountains their name. Now they are among the UNESCO nominees for consideration as natural heritage sites. A winter sports setting that could not be more impressive.  


Mappa Italia - Regione Veneto - Provincia di Belluno
Mappa Provincia di Belluno

Ideal climate for winter sports

Powder snow and blue sky; this is how it should be. In the Dolomites the conditions are nearly ideal. According to experts, 80 percent of sunny days and the very low air humidity are responsible for the extremely powdery snow. Additionally, the slopes are all situated at –‘snow-proof’ altitudes between 1,500 and 3,269 metres.

Many services and one objective: perfect slopes

In the dark of night, whilst hotel guest are soundly sleeping, in excess of 300 snowcats ensure that the slopes are perfectly smooth for the following morning. Engineers look after the state- of-the-art snow making facilities that create the perfect snow on the slopes and 3,000 staff members take care of the guests at the lift facilities.

Mappa Dolomiti orientali

Snow makes winter dreams come true


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