Privilege Ibiza, the world’s biggest club, near San Rafael

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Privilege Ibiza, the world’s biggest club, near San Rafael


In 1978 the venue known as Club Rafael was bought by three Basques. One of their number was the famous footballed Jose Antonio Santamaria. They changed the name of the club to Ku after the nighterie they already owned in San Sebastian.

Throughout the 80s the soon-to-be legend was born and suckled. In 1987 Queen’s Freddie Mercury dueted with rival diva opera singer Montserrat Caballe for a tv show broadcast round the world.

In 1990 a roof was added, literally bringing to a close an era of outdoor partying. In 1991 this roof collapsed during a storm and after refurbishments and much speculation it became Privilege. The arrival of Manumission in 1996 heralded the modern age of imported promoters, guest artists and mass club tourism.


Half way between Ibiza and san Antonio on the main road, near San Rafael. Tricky to miss, given its massive height, girth and garish lighting.

Music Policy

Like most venues in Ibiza it depends on the promoter on the given night. Manumission offered a much-mashed mish mash of rock, house, electro and pop but moved to Amnesia in 2007.

This year Tiesto holds a weekly residency so expect a hi-energy combo of trance and house.

Otherwise it ranges from harder, faster sounds of techno and trance to happy clappy house.

Inside Privilege

If it’s your first time in Privilege you’re highly likely to get lost. It’s extremely easy to get separated from your friends and not see them again till the sun comes up. Don’t worry tho, you’ll make new ones.

Upon entering the club you go down a massive staircase. You are now bang in the middle of one of the world’s largest dancefloors. At its centre the dj is suspended above a swimming pool . At the far end is a stage where girls and boys dance around in varying stages of undress and a show with a non-linear dramatic structure (i.e. it’s confusing) takes place.

Above this room is a large lattice dome which supports the Privilege sign. To the left is a multi-level terraced chill out area. Downstairs is a toilet complete with dj booth. To the right (south) is the gayer-than-average Coco Loco. In the far corner is the aforementioned Music Box. There’s a map on a sign out the front.


Most nights vary between 20€ and 50€. There are often free tickets in Ibiza Town and San Antonio for the lesser known promoters’ nights. A vodka limon costs approx. 10€ and a beer 8€.


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