Obertauern – where snow really feels at home!

Fancy experiencing a few winter pleasures at a time when other resorts are still snowflake-free? Or, alternatively, when the last snows have long melted elsewhere?
Then come right on up, to Obertauern – one of the snowiest ski resorts in the Alps.
Here, 1 cable car, 19 chairlifts and 6 drag lifts await you at the heart of the fantastic Salzburg mountain landscape, between 1,740 m and 2,526 m above sea level, which guarantees perfect conditions from the end of November to the beginning of May!

100 km of fabulous ski slopes and cross-country runs, ultra-modern, luxurious hotels, a great wellness and fitness programme and, last but not least, a wonderfully carefree holiday atmosphere… Here, both Alpine sports enthusiasts and cross-country skiers get their money’s worth, namely on the World Cup cross-country route for experts (10 km), the Hundsfeld route (6 km) and the Gnadenalm route for enthusiasts (10 km).
Obertauern also has a lot to offer in the way of new winter sports, such as Austria’s first snow kite school for beginners or advanced, or the long play park for snowboarders, located directly by the Kehrkopf cable car system – there’s simply something for everyone: big kickers, rails, VW Bully, beginner lines and a fat corner.
A trip to the slopes wouldn’t be complete without a refreshment stop in one of the many authentic huts. Here, you can unwind from a challenging day’s skiing in a cosy atmosphere, mentally preparing for the exciting nightlife. Obertauern really knows how to party. Every night…!!

The snow researchers open the ski season in Obertauern

The season opens on the 22nd of November and that means that a really special group of individuals, also known as the “Snow Researchers”, gather again in Obertauern. Since the early eighties, this special group of individuals including Franz Beckenbauer, Uwe Seeler, Erich Ribbeck and Werner Zimmer has had the special honour of opening the skiing season in Obertauern.



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